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a shredder's journey.
Recent Entries 
Many changes have occured since I started here on LJ. It's a new chapter in my life, and so I create a new journal. The many old posts on this one have departed from relevency, and reflect only the old times. I've grown older and much wiser since then, and what this journal has become no longer pertains  to the present. It's also been overfilled with journal subscriptions that I don't have time to read and I'm too lazy to delete.

If you still wish to follow my gibberish, follow my new journalthecheguar

I'm going to collage for a Welding Tech course this winter. That'll get me work doing something I enjoy, and a little money to put in to my projects. Welding is good money, and it's a field that's not going away anytime soon. Best part is, it's a job that requires you to take your time.

Meanwhile, I've got a new podcast called "Basement Tapes". As the name suggests, there is music involved. I play guitar and semi-melodically comment on recent events. Pretty basic right now, but eventually it'll evolve in to something I've had in mind for a while.

Also, I signed up with one of those free Shoutcast server hosts so I could get back in to the internet radio thing. Right now it's just up once a week, since I'm just using a winamp plug in and my laptop. Laptops aren't the greatest thing to run 24-7, so once I build my desktop I'll be able to keep it going longer.

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17th-Aug-2012 01:19 am - My life story
I want to give a window in to my life. Perhaps it might explain why I am who I am. It's all 100% factual. There is a lot that I left out, like becoming a furry and stuff about my family, so if you want to know more don't hesitate to ask.

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7th-Aug-2012 05:49 pm - Update
cheguar logo
Here's whats going on right now
-I learned "Ballad Of Serenity". I'll be recording it soon
-Hotel arrangements are set for MFF. I'll be registering as soon as the money gets transfered to PayPal.
-I got a free 15" LCD monitor. Just need to salvage a cable and I'll be playing Skyrim in style
-Might go to the Iowa state fare Friday
-Relationship status is still single
-I found my soldering iron. Got my pickup switch working again
-Still need brake pads & shoes on my truck. I've got a ride to MFF though, so it can wait a little while longer.
-That "Revolution" show looks interesting.
-Going to try Voc Rehab one last time. Maybe.
-I've got Monster in the fridge.
-A journalist from a British news paper is couch hopping at my place for a few days later this month. Could be interesting.
-The Game
-Still need a drummer. Centerville is lacking in that department.
-I'm thinking maybe having a full time front man might make the band's writing process more fluid. I dunno
-Trying to think of ways to get the parts I need to build a new desktop. $550 I do not have at the moment.
-Hauling brush to the dump is good money
-I wish I had my own chain saw
-Take care of your teeth, kids. Dental work sucks. Trust me.
-I re-arranged my studio/office/entertainment station. It's now functional...ish
-I got nine lives, cat's eyes, usin every one I'm never gonna die, cause I'm back. yes I'm back in black.
-I want a super realistic fursuit badly, but it must wait a couple more years. Desktop computer must come first.
-I want to build desktop computers for people.
20th-Jul-2012 04:28 am - Dull
Brakes are worn out. The spring metal tab built in to the pads as an indication of wear is now scratching prominently on the rotor. I won't be able to replace the pads for a month, possibly longer.  The only option I have is to bend those tabs back, and hope the remaining ceramic is going to hold out until the next big check comes in.

The grass has stopped growing here. My one source of extra income is now brown and dormant from a month of 100°F heat. Meanwhile, I sit alone in my apartment bored out of my mind. Writers block, no mood to draw, and no where to go. I manage to distract myself by playing Combat Arms until it crashes and a cracked version of Minecraft until I can't feel my ass.

Stir crazy. That's a good word for it. With no cash to spare, no band, and no cable tv. All my projects are on hold until I can buy all the parts I need to build a desktop. Then I need a printer... I don't know.
19th-Jun-2012 08:00 pm - Travel plans

It turns out that I might get to make two big trips this year. One which I've been looking forward to since my introduction to the furry fandom, Midwest Fur Fest, looks like it's going to be a road trip. The other is a plane trip to Phoenix to visit my brother and nephew, down in the Avendale aria, probably stay a week. Not sure when that one will be, but tickets are fairly cheap so it can be pretty much whenever. Aught to be some good parkour playgrounds down there.

Hell, I've got a savings account that's finally seeing growth for the first time since... ever, and tons of free time. I could take a small trip at just about any time as long as it's not too far. I might just pick a time every other month and see where I can go on a single tank of gas.

29th-May-2012 09:09 pm - Apt 308
Moving in this week. It's all mine.

22nd-May-2012 03:04 pm - I need a failsafe
I've had a savings account with a local credit union branch for almost a year now. I was told in November to close it, some one had the idea that it was against the rules to have another account in my name that was separate from the one my SSI goes in to (although I've read nothing in the documents mentioning that), but I didn't. I told my grandma I did, but I kept it secrete until she found a receipt on my dresser today. Damn it. At this point, I'm faced with the threat of being kicked out and loosing my SSI and everything that came with it. I'm certain these events are highly unlikely, yet as long as the threat exists above a 1% possibility I'm not entirely comfortable.

I didn't want SSI to beguine with, and I don't want to live off of it for long. It's a temporary solution, a means to obtain basic necessities. A person who lives on their own is going to appear more hireable then one who lives with their parents. Though in this economy, in this society, it seems a name is worth more then ethic. Someone from a wealthy family seems to find work fairly easily, regardless of their actual work ethic. Some one with connections can manipulate their way through job after job. And who am I? A lower class, starving musician with long hair and, as it seems, a douche bag doppelganger not far from here.

The things that are on the line include my truck and my apartment (which I have yet to move in to). Despite how slim the chances, I could loose everything, thrown to the street to fend for myself. Even if everything goes smoothly and the immediate threat is evaded, I'm still faced with a ticking time bomb under my ass. I don't trust social security enough to fully rely on them. I need to get things rolling, find work, get the studio going, get Warcat together and on the ball, some reliable source of income so I can get off SSI before I'm dropped from it.
17th-May-2012 06:34 pm - A new home
Well... I've drastically changed my mind about moving to Missouri, and I'm moving in to my own apartment right here in Centerville on the first of June! It's a pretty good sized apartment, plenty of room for a basic studio and a bar counter big enough to carve up a deer. I'm moving in on the 29th, and signing the lease on the 1st. I haven't been this excited since I bought my truck, maybe even more! It's a sure thing. The building manager is a close friend of my grandma, so that's a plus... kind of... I think?
3rd-May-2012 07:48 pm - My to-do list
My plans are now underway to complete Strikepaw Studios. My budget is tight as hell, but it's going to work.

  • Clean up and move in to new apartment in Memphis Missouri. Convince room mate to join on with Strikepaw.
  • Find part time work for supplementary income
  • Work out a practice schedule for Warcat
  • Order parts for Studio Computer
  • Build Studio Computer
  • Obtain USB mixer with more powered mic channels, as well as other equipment
  • Set up in-house studio
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